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Commission bundle ⭐️ (usernames from Instagram) So the first one is for @danisylviamusic that she’ll be using for her music. I was really excited because I haven’t worked with a singer before so as an artist, she knew exactly what she was looking for, making my job very easy. We had fun bringing this gothic pixie portrait of her together and if you haven’t already checked out her music, do it!! -the second one was commissioned by @anntol2001 As requested! Just a fun little fan art self insert of her! -the final was for @n4vyknight of his usual Star Wars inspired under water story, the Atlantean Threat. If that’s something you guys are into, connect with him cause he can talk about the stuff for hours, he’s very passionate! Thank you to those who commission me. Know that by doing so, you are not supporting a big corporation, you’re supporting an individual to allow them to exist in their passion. So thank you so much!! If you guys are looking for a commission, just go to and all my rates are there with examples xox ! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take a well deserved break! ….

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