Player Reached the Top Book 2, LitRPG

Hello, my friends! Player Reached the Top. LitRPG Series. Book II is available for pre-order The release date is 19, February 2020 Two Thousand Forty-Four. The world of games changed long ago. “Ascension” has become one of the most popular VRMMO games. It is a huge world divided into a hundred Floors, with each Floor a boundless location with its own countries, tribes, and millions of players. The object of the game is to unlock all the gates and conquer the top. Having joined the game, Will Thomson doesn’t realize that he is all by himself. Then he accepts the first quest … Cursed Rat: level 46 … The whole story is planned out and will have 1000 chapters. Now the story has over 400 chapters spanning 7 books. The first book is here:

Gray Panthers Invasion

Decisions have to be made when the Nyeusi, a previously unknown species begin a campaign to conquer the galaxy. The invaders have the Libra Alliance on the ropes barely holding onto their last stronghold. The commander of the Gray Panthers, Dan Daniels must decide if he’ll commit to going to war to save an old enemy or wait and see if the war comes to him. Can old enemies put aside their hatred and distrust to fight alongside each other? Will the League of Planets and the citizens of Dixie come to the rescue of their enemy, trusting the Gray Panthers judgment? Can Short Blade deliver the primitive warriors from a backwards pre-industrial world in time to make the difference between victory and defeat?

Divine Heir

This story is about a prince, who lives 10,000 years in our future on a remote planet that was created by a Lyran Goddess. He has a great happy life full of loving family and friends…and then one day gets captured by his enemies and is made a slave. He is not the typical hero you seen in fantasy novels. The prince is just a normal guy, sweet, not especially smart, and definitely not a warrior. So why is he the most interesting guy in the book??

Dark Magi by Joanna White

Dark Magi


Joanna White…/…/B07YPQGNHQ/

King Vaxon is sadistic and cruel. After taking the crown of Castre for himself, he’s finally squelched the rebellion of Magi who fought against him. The remaining ones will be thrown in an arena to fight to the death. Vaxon knows its unlikely they will fight each other at first. For this reason, hes sending his own son, Kyren, into the arena with them. As a powerful Dark Mage, Kyren’s job is to kill the Magi. If he doesn’t, then his own father will kill his wife and children. Kyren will do whatever it takes to keep his family alive. Even if that means he must die after slaughtering his own comrades. Is it possible to rebel in a fight you’ve already lost and still keep your families alive? Fans who love fast-paced action combined with fantasy and magic will love and enjoy this 40,000 word, action-packed, character-driven story.

“Resistance Rises” by Nathan Warner

Hey, everyone,

Here is one of my latest art pieces, all thanks to my wife who got me some new models this Christmas 🙂


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Responding to precision airstrikes from orbit, the young Lt. Kira Nerys takes lead in her 2-person Bajoran Raider, followed up by her wing-man, as they scramble to intercept Cardassian forces bombarding Bajoran resistance positions in the Eastern province during the Occupation.

Cobbled together from spare parts, these raiders were not the ideal weapons of war, but with two wing-mounted phasers, they could take any punch the Cardassians gave and punch back just as hard.

Note: I love the opportunity to do “aviation art” for Trek when I learn that the ships from canon I’m working on operate in atmosphere or at least CAN operate in atmosphere. There is something special about the light and perspective that I love. As an aside, I originally titled this piece “Bajoran Guppies” as I love how these little raiders look like fat little fish with a mean attitude.