Forgotten Essence

I’m excited to announce my newest novel, Forgotten Essence. It will begin a new series and is a soft sci-fi/fantasy mashup. Forgotten Essence: Blurb: Death is an insurmountable fact. We will all experience it at some point. The question is what happens after. Where does the soul go? Well, it goes to me. Or someone like me, at least. My name is Zella Healani. I’m a Grim Reaper. Not the kind most think of when they picture the old skeleton guy either. Nope. I’m young, have no swinging stick thing, and am usually swimming with some kind of mind-altering substance. Don’t let that deter you. Not that you actually could. Like it or not, I’ll pull your soul free from your husk and ferry it back to the big soul soup we all start from. You get a new life, and I get a hit of euphoria so pure, it’s addicting. Oh, and some additional powers here and there. But what happens if nobody comes for you? And why would someone keep Grims from reaping? That, my new friend, is exactly what I’m going to tell you. Have a seat and open the pages to discover what happens when you mix together evil, Earth souls, and one screwed-up Reaper. *** Forgotten Essence is a fast burn RH. This means she doesn’t choose between the men. It contains potentially triggering content. This book is not meant for those below age 18 and may not be suitable for everyone.

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