Illusions of the Present: Legends Book 5

(Legends Book V)
By Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
#EpicFantasy #Adultfantasy #Valkyries

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There was always more to a story than met the eye. There were always more secrets, more lies, a never ending search for answers that may very well have died with the Ancients; but they had to try.
Many had fallen in what was being called the greatest war of all times. Hundreds of planets had been ravaged beyond repair, mighty cities and vast civilizations returned to dust, their lands unable to support life. Millions had lost their lives, and many more were left devastated when their homes had been destroyed and their families, shattered beyond repair. This, was what the Verse had come to, and despite their many victories, Malice knew there was much more to come. The war was far from over, and those who were missing, had yet to find their way home.
She’d already lost her past to the Eno’tai, she’d lost her friends and those she’d loved; and there was no way she was going to hand them her future too. She would find what she’d lost, and she’d bring them all home or die trying, for they couldn’t win this war alone.

Mark McQuillen
Mara Reitsma

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Mark McQuillen
Mara Reitsma

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