Valkyrie Darkness Awaits, the Novel

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Valkyrie Darkness Awaits
The Novel
Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
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From Valkyrie Darkness Awaits the Novel… 😛

In Niflheim, in the roots of Geisterberg, Malice sat on a throne of skulls. The dark one had promised victory over the Aesir. For five thousand years she had fought for darkness, clawed and murdered her way to this very throne. Now on the brink of her triumph, this worm, this mortal imbecile, threatened everything she had worked for. She had listened to her masters, done all they had asked, why would they allow such an insult to happen?
Where did he come from? How did he manage to counter her magic cleanse the Elven child? Her thoughts were ringing with so many questions. She didn’t like random events and the mortal was either going to do her bidding or he was going to die.
“And that is why he chose you, my love!” Another voice caught her attention and the warmth flooded her veins as the female approached, though remained hidden in shadows.
“Then why have they forsaken me? Why do they let such things happen?” Malice growled, but her tone no longer reeked of anger. “Why do they make it so hard, for us?”
“Our master does what he must, to ensure the plan of the Gods is fulfilled. We can only trust in him…” Her voice began to change and the voices of thousands took its place. “Believe us, Malice, when we tell you that all will be as it should.”
With those words, Malice felt the lips of her lover against her own, drawn into that loving embrace that had captured her heart five thousand years ago. Long, chocolate brown hair that fell in waves about her shoulders and a body so seductive, one look and Malice would crumble. One touch…
“Come, there is much to do before we ride for Shadowkeep. Our Master awaits our return.” That voice crept under Malice’s skin and made her knees weak.
How could she deny a call like that?
Following along behind the female, their hands clasped as they passed torch after torch, she was fascinated at how the shadows seemed to bend for her lover. There was never a moment her face was shown unless she wanted it so. Such power to have, to control darkness itself. Malice wanted this control. She wanted to command the armies of the dark if only to show her lover that she was worthy of her love.
“You must love us both, my sweet! That is the way of things.” The female stopped and an aqua-colored glow emanated from within her shadow. “He too is a part of me, and therefore a part of you…”
“He is a traitor and should be hung for treason for what he did to us!” Malice let out with a thousand voices of her own, unable to control the Host inside her.
She was always there. Always loathing the role she’d been forced to play. Malice knew this and had made it her goal to please the beast inside her, but at times it seemed impossible. Malice was bound to her Host, for as long as she drew breath; a gift from her Masters she’d been told.
Malice had accepted her new position, but after five thousand years, It seemed Marwolaeth still had one big ass chip on her shoulder.
“Easy now, our love. We would not want to bring his wrath upon us at a time like this. We are so close, my love…” Her lips fell upon Malice’s once more, her kiss not only satiating Malice herself but also the Host who dwell within her.
“We do this, for you, To’llan. No one else!” Malice’s voice took hold and the sensations that followed saw them both to the nearest wall as hands began to roam freely. “We do this, for us…” She hissed in her lover’s ear…

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