Forsaken Fates

Forsaken Fates by SJ Doran

Forsaken Fates
Forsaken Fates Front Cover

Finally. Hearts, souls and now body they’ll be bound…

​Through sacrifice and sheer stubbornness, they defeated death itself.Through fate, Cassius and Amara are united at last.
Only to be the punchline of a great cosmic joke.

Destiny has anointed the Demon King and his Warlock Queen harbingers of the apocalypse, their love heralding the end of times.

Hushed whispers of their unholy union will transform allies into enemies, trusted friends become mortal foes when the devastating truth of their miraculous reunion comes to light.

Desperate to rid themselves of the dark mark destiny placed upon them, Cassius and Amara search for a relic created by his father, a relic so powerful it may be enough to contain the rapture itself, their only hope, or what could be their downfall.

Together they face unforeseen dangers and heart-shattering revelations as an ancient doomsday prophecy threatens to tear apart two souls the fates bound as one.

Whatever it takes

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