From Malice: The Dark Years..”Into the Shadows..”

From Malice: The Dark Years… Into the Shadows.

The thought of failure was never an option, the act, forbidden. Ge’nah would do whatever it took to claim her prize, especially if that prize was the head of her opponent. He shouldn’t have flinched, she’d warned him the blade was sharp, but like all of the others, he hadn’t listened.
“Remove him from my sight!” She growled, wiping the male’s blood from her blade. “He is not worthy of the coin in that sack!”
“Yes, my lady!” The guard bowed his head, only to find her fingers wrapped tightly about his throat.
“Call me a lady again and you will have no head to bow. Would you like to die today?” She hissed in his face, her hair whipping about her as it fell from place. “Answer me!”
“It would help if you removed your hand from his windpipe. They do need to breathe, you know?” Came a voice, followed by laughter as the footsteps drew closer.
Ge’nah looked up towards the steps, to her sister with the humorous grin. ” I need to know his answer.”
“Of course, for you, are a greedy little heathen!” Her sister howled, traipsing towards her in a gown so fair. “You always have to have them all. Every last one of them, no matter what it is, you never leave any for the rest of us.”
“Heathen?” Ge’nah spat out, letting go of the male who landed like a sack of oats at her feet.
“For lack of a better word, yes.”
“I guess it is better than being a whore!” Ge’nah laughed and turned towards the guard house.
“Laugh all you like, at least I find pleasure in my arts.” Lo’rell’s words stung and had Ge’nah spinning on her heels, her eyes all aglow.
“I too find pleasure in my arts, in fact, there an isle filled with treasures, the likes you could only imagine, my dear sister.” Ge’nah drew closer. “But, there is a difference, you see, your lovers come and go, but my treasures will remain with me through a thousand lifetimes.”
“The feel of a lover’s skin against my own is far more pleasureful than the cool, hard surface of a million gold coins.” Lo’rell grinned, crossing her arms over her chest.
“You know nothing!” Ge’nah turned again towards the guardhouse, fully intending on making it inside and shutting the door on Lo’rell’s nonsense, but the words that followed had her stopping just short of the handle.
“I know we have been summoned before our master.”
“He will return in just under three hours and has requested our presence in the throne room,” Lo’rell growled. “He has called for Malice and Marena as well.”
“Then we must…” Ge’nah started towards the stairs Lo’rell had just descended, when a guard appeared at the top.
“You are needed.” Was all he got out before the wave was upon them.
“Malice….” Lo’rell let out, feeling the anger ripple through her body as she watched Ge’nah disappear from the bottom step, and she too, let her mind carry her away.
Something was very wrong.

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