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Something from the Valkyrie ll Rewrite.. 😛

                        VALKYRIE II:
                         THE NOVEL
      Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
#Valkyries #EpicFantasy

#PNR #Adultfantasy

“Loki in a pickle…” 😛


Loki the God of Mischief paced in his cell as the two little pests waited outside. The taller of the pair looking in the small square hole covered with magicked bars to keep him from escaping.
When she did so the next time he put on his most ingratiating grin before speaking with his eyes sparkling. “Who are you, young woman? Such a sweet thing you are.” Morgan smiled back and whispered leaning close..”It’s not going to work, I know who you are Master of Trickery. I wouldn’t want to share your fate. Gil has something special in mind for you for hurting Sif. He’s practically her mate now you know.” Then Morgan tilts her head when she did Loki’s heart stopped. Mal had that “look” too. When she was going to do something devious and it was something he wouldn’t like. Then the young bard whispered again.. “You work for the Hand of Death, Malice herself. She’s not going to be happy that you fucked up and got yourself caught. Frankly, I’d be more worried about what She’s going to do.”
(Poor Loki he does have time.) Morgan sent to Van who promptly snickered. Which had to be one of the most blood-chilling sounds he had ever heard.
Loki then looked at the bard’s redhaired companion. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Van. He’d heard of her, this Wytchkyrie child. One of Lady Mists young lovers and quite possibly one of the deadliest creatures in the universe a Phoenix Class Wytchkyrie.One of Ashlyn’s masterpieces.

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