Something New…Malice: The Dark Years-Into the Shadows…

Some of you are aware that Mara and I have a group called the Black Rose where we live to write the Legends and Valkyrie books. Heres the latest writing thread where you too can be Valkyrie or anything else for that matter. We are telling Malices origin story….thanks, Mara Reitsma! If you want an invite to our little group here’s the link:

Let us begin, in the beginning…. the beginning of the Dark Years, at least…

Into the Shadows- A Tale from the Petals


“What have you done?” Her voice echoed off the walls of the bedchamber. “Do not move, or I…”
“Will what? Sound the alarm? Call for the guards? Draw, your sword?” She laughed back, the dagger still clenched in her hand as the droplets of blood landed on her cream-colored boots.
“To do so, would be treason. You know this.”
“And what I have done here, is not?” She laughed again and pointed to the lifeless corpse of her mother, laying at the end of her bed.
It was a ghastly sight, her mouth wrenched open as if to scream and her eyes like saucers. It was pathetic, really, but she was dead, it wasn’t her fault she couldn’t control herself…
“What you have done is disturbing, but well within your rights as an heir to the throne.” Marwolaeth sighed and shook her head. “But your sister will not like this…”
“She will be angry, yes, but only that it was not her blade that did the deed.” Anaxa laughed. “She would be even angrier if she thought her beloved had committed such an act.”
“Syra would never believe your lies, Anaxa, for I have never given her reason to question my loyalty.” Marwolaeth brushed a lock of her long, golden hair that had fallen from her braid, away from her face. “She is mine, and I am hers.”
“Yes, it’s revolting, isn’t it?” Anaxa rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. “And you are right, she would never believe such lies. so I will just have to find another to take your place in my plans.”
“You have no plans, Anaxa, you belong to the council and they will want to question your actions,” Marwolaeth growled back, her hand on her sword. “You will accompany me to the council chamber.”
“I do not think so as I said, I have plans.” Anaxa smiled and her red eyes began to glow. “Perhaps, you may still be useful…” She added, but something behind her, drew her attention, giving Marwolaeth an opportunity to subdue her. “Not, going to happen,” Anaxa shouted, holding her hand up to block the attack, and let an orb the color of her eyes, fly from her fingertips and impact against Marwolaeth’s chest.
One moment, Marwolaeth was standing on her feet with sword drawn, then next, she was pinned against the wall and every ounce of energy was draining from her body. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, but she could hear the words emanating from across the room.
“A child? But, from where?” Anaxa sounded so confused. “But there were to be only twelve…”
Indeed, Anaxa was confused. There was no doubt about it, the child was of royal blood, but there was something else about her that made Anaxa question her orders. Who was this child? Who was its sire? Why had The Queen Mother never mentioned she was with child? Was this the reason Syra was so adamant that the Queen Mother be left alone? Had she plans for this child?
“Put the child down, Anaxa!” Another voice entered the room, followed by a gasp as their eyes set upon Marwolaeth, slumped against the wall.
“You, dare give me orders?”
“She is special, Anaxa, untouched by the wickedness of your sire.”
“She is an abomination. There were only supposed to be twelve of us.” Anaxa shouted, which in turn caused the child to cry. “Hush now, it will all be over soon!”
“I won’t let you harm her.” The voice shouted.
“Harm her? Who said anything about harming her?” Anaxa grinned, her eyes glowing red once more. “Really, T’siphony, why would I harm my own child?”
“She is not your child.” The female let out, eyeing the unconscious Marwolaeth one last time. “Leave her alone…”
“I have no intention of harming her, or you, but someone has to take the blame for this mess…” Without another word, Anaxa’s hand rose and another orb flew from her fingers, striking T’siphony as she turned.
“She is not, your child.” T’siphony whimpered, hitting the ground hard.
“No one knows she exists and soon enough, you will face the blade for your treason…” There was no point in finishing, for T’siphony lay in a pile on the floor, unconscious and barely breathing beside her apprentice. “Pity, you both fought so bravely once.” She added, slipping the dagger into T’siphony’s hand before kneeling down beside Marwolaeth. “The child will need a protector, and you, my friend, will be perfect.”
No sooner had she spoken, but her hand passed over Marwolaeth’s forehead and her Host began to shudder. “Please, stop?” She mumbled though she was too far gone to stop Anaxa.
“Sleep now and know that when you wake, you will be stronger than ever.” Anaxa smiled, then rose to her feet and turned to the child. “And you, my sweet, I shall name you, To’llan.” She looked down at the child and gently lifted her into her arms. “Now come, I have great plans for you.”

Chapter One…

“Marena, what do you think?” Anaxa inquired, sitting on the throne as she awaited a reply.
“I think she is perfect, my lady!” Marena replied, unpinning her long, dark curls from atop her head as she circled the podium upon which the blonde female lay. “But, what of the others?” She turned quickly, eyeing the small gathering of females who huddled to one side.
“What do you think we should do with them, child?” Anaxa grinned, bringing her drink to her lips.
Marena bowed her head, knowing it was not she that the Queen spoke to, but the Host inside her. Marena was but a vessel for the creature within.
“Our protector will need energy if she is to reach her prime.” The voices escaped Marena’s lips as her body drew closer to the females in question, but it was To’llan who answered and Marena felt her hands rise up. “We would offer theirs in exchange for her promise of allegiance.”
No sooner had the Queen nodded, but Marena felt the cool chill run through her and watched as her Host collected their life essence with the dark lanterns at her sides. A dismal sight, as the cries turned to whimpers and then nothing at all, their bodies now scattered about her feet. She hated what she had become, but there was no escape for her. It had been so long, she hardly remembered her people, or how she came to serve the darkness…
‘Hush now!’ To’llan spoke so only Marena could hear. ‘It will all be over soon.’ To’llan assured her. ‘And with a vessel such as this…’ Marena found herself before the blonde female, tracing her lips with her fingers. ‘…this, Valkyrie…’
It was erotic, sinful, the way To’llan seemed to caress the female ‘What was her name?’ Marena asked her Host.
‘Her name was Marwolaeth.’ To’llan replied.
‘No, the Hosted, what was her name?’
‘Her people called her Malice, but we shall call her our love!’ To’llan grinned, setting the lanterns down on either side of the Valkyrie.
“She will be our love!” To’llan spoke up for her Queen to hear.
“Of course, my child,” Anaxa replied, eyeing Pathen across the room.
Who was she to deny her Host or her Queen? Marena was but a vessel…

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