The lastest from Into the Shadows..


As Mal followed along with Marena and the others when she felt a cold nose and fur against her hand. She casually ran a single finger down what she thought was the snout of the creature only to have the entity whatever it suddenly disappeared as mysteriously as it came.

Before she could investigate further or find out what it was, she was on the other side of the portal facing Marena’s Queen and the mysterious male that caused Marolweath to bristle at his very presence.

The blonde young woman bowed cautiously keeping her eyes on both of the newcomers, especially the one the Queen called Pathen. For now, she would trust the entities feelings about the man. If Marolweath was angered by his presence, he was not to be trusted. She could almost feel her lips curling as a slight growl escaped from her as the young woman looked at him.

(Stop that.) Marolweath whispered in her mind as she came back to the here and now.

At Marena’s smile, she calmed once more. When the dark-haired woman motioned her to forward to Anaxa’s presence Malice smiled back before she answered.

“I cannot pledge, what is not mine to give. I know not who I am.”

“Then let us help you discover that which make you, you!” Anaxa replied.

Mals grey eyes narrowed for an instant wondering how they knew so much about her after only waking up what seemed to be only moments earlier, but she went along with it just so she could learn more.

“I would be grateful for your aid Great Lady since I find myself like a child lost in the woods.”

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