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#EpicFantasy #Adultfantasy #Valkyries #PNR

Malice had made the ultimate sacrifice, in hopes of gaining insight into the whereabouts of Pathen. For years she had searched for the truth, and a way to rid her Verse of the evil that plagued it, and now she stood one step closer to her goal.
Trapped in a world much darker than The Null itself, she will have to fight her way to freedom, and face off against an opponent so vile in order to save her friends. She’ll have to be smarter, stronger and faster, She would have to lay everything on the line if she was to come out victorious, but could she?
Nyx was lost without his female. His Euphamia. The world crumbled around him, forced to wait for word from within the prison. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Malice and Euphamia weren’t meant to be imprisoned; so what had gone wrong? And how, was he going to get them out?
Time was ticking, and the longer they waited, the faster the threat from the Eno’tai grew. What was it going to take, to make the Verse safe once more? What secrets awaited them? And what would peace, really cost?

About the Author
Born in 1958 I was raised in a military family and spent time in the service myself. When I was growing up I saw what PTSD does to people. That’s why I chose Gil, who rises above his own suffering to find love and redemption. Does he win, read on and find out.

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