Abandoned Outpost from a Fallen Empire: Nathan Warner

Abandoned Outpost from a Fallen Empire: Nathan Warner


Like the Roman Empire of Earth, the Cardassian Empire imploded under its own weight and they were forced to abandon many of their far-flung outposts and stations.

This Nor-class station was anchored out beyond the Badlands. Once the defining symbol of Cardassian prowess and dominion in the quadrant, now it is a dead and lifeless relic holding vigil over this solar-system like a crumbling marker of their encroachment on the furthest edges of the known frontier. If anything is certain, these ruins will give archaeologists something to ponder for millennia.

What was left behind here when the Cardassians walked away? What has come to make it a home? It could be a pirate Lord’s hideout, a stronghold of the Orion Syndicate, a castle to a petty tyrant. Perhaps it is infested with Kelobs – giant space-dwelling arachnids, home to a dangerous fugitive or a lonely castaway, marooned there by his crew.

As your shuttle approaches, you’d better be prepared for anything. Docking is available on upper pylon 3.

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