Books I noticed

Books I noticed

Here is just a few books I have noticed from going through the book promotion for science fiction and fantasy and why I noticed them.


The Heart Collector by Barbara Russell.

Why I noticed it….the front cover, the colors are well done and the synopsis seems to be well written.

Second, Hero by Richard Mann, this cover looks good, which is what drew me in to read more about it. What caught my attention was the plot, it seems that it is aliens vs vampires….its a first for me though. Seems interesting!

This book, Riddle, seems a bit intriguing. I’ll post the authors website here:

The front cover looks a bit intriguing, no fancy swords, just a simple design, admittidly I skipped very quickly a few times past it when I noticed it….but then I read the synopsis and I must say looks like it may be a good read.

Here is the Amazon Link, have a read for yourself.

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