Caetera has been called “Tolkienesque”

Caetera has been called “Tolkienesque”

I have so many questions around this movie. On one hand, as a die-hard LOTR fan, I am itching to see this movie. Does it matter that this movie only received a splat of 46% on Rotten Tomatoes?  Probably not. Is it a problem that the family wasn’t consulted in the making of the film? Not at all.  There are plenty of biographies done well without the input of a subject’s family. Does it matter that the story here is a drama, love story, and war story? Drama, no. A love story, no. War…hrmmm.

The trailer grabs me; thoroughly grabs me with the mention of his focus on language. I’ve been studying that as a part of my Worldbuilding Blog Series. As a fantasy author who enjoys complete worldbuilding and a self-proclaimed “Werd-Nerd,” I crave any information that focuses on this type of person, and THIS person in particular.

I’ve been pleased with these actors, Nicholas Hoult and  Lily Collins, in other works, so the combination of leads I like to watch and the backstory of one of the most fascinating fantasy authors is a magnet. The war part is my biggest hang-up. I’m no war movie fan (unless the story itself is fantasy). But sacrifices must sometimes be made, right?

If you’re a world builder, and fascinated by language like Tolkien (and me), check out my series: The Caeteran Tales. It has a few cultures and societies built out. In the main city, the language is based on Italian with a bit of Latin and Greek. When they travel to the plains, you’ll see a bit of German and Scots Gaelic. Here’s the review that refers to the work as having a “Tolkienesque Flare.” You’ll have to read to understand the Flare part.


Elle doesn’t know that she is in Javine’s crosshairs.

That’s because, in our worldly dimension, people aren’t often hunted for their business acumen–at least not like this.

Elle is living the perfect life of a human female in Chicago. She’s sleek and savvy, a businesswoman who has her life well planned. And now she’s inches from landing the job of a lifetime.


She’s been marked by a different recruiter. One from another dimension.

In this fast-paced ride between earth and Caetera, Elle is about to start an adventure filled with science, magic, and intrigue as she faces her greatest weakness–her self.

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