Dark Phoenix: Movie Review

Dark Phoenix: Movie Review

I saw Dark Phoenix the other day and wanted to do a quick review. While it is somewhat sad in a way that it seems this storyline of the Xmen is ending, I thought overall the movie was decent. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite, however, it had some intriguing moments.

Spoilers ahead so warning!!!!!

So, on a positive aspect I felt that the writing was good. The story seemed to flow very well as well as showing the struggle of someone who didn’t want to be as powerful as she was. It was also great to see most of our old characters such as of course…..Professor X, Magneto, and Cyclops. The visual style of the film was well done and reminded me of a continuation of the Days of Future Past movie.

I loved seeing Micheal Fasbender back as Magneto and there was an exciting scene in which Jean battles with Magneto. Now, please keep in mind I am a casual fan of the Xmen, I am no expert and in writing this article I find no joy in opening a new tab and searching for the nuances of who is supposed to be the strongest Xmen/man/woman in the Xmen universe, so I was a bit surprised to see Magneto actually somewhat lose to Jean Gray. Anyway, not a big deal, now for some small criticisms.

On the other hand I felt the story was somewhat hampered by the fact that she was so powerful they had a hard time finding any suitable opponents for her. I think that was a complaint I heard about writing anything for superman though also. It is very hard to write a story when one character is just overpowering to everyone. I thought it would have made for a better story if Magneto or Professor X were in some ways just slightly more powerful than Jean Gray….not that she would have many weaknesses by any means but its just a small pet peeve of mine when there is no suitable opponent.

In any case, the movie was good I thought. Thanks for reading and because I love showing new and indie authors I thought I’d show some interesting finds from my book promotional group on Facebook that show (at least from what I see) strong female leads.

Thank you for supporting new and indie authors!

Check out this book from Lynda Engler.

Synopsis: After leaving her underground shelter with a passing mutant tribe, 16-year-old Isabella, her new husband Malcolm, two young tribe members and two little children, seek the old scientist Telemark village’s priestess saw in her visions. Is he looking for a vaccine to keep humans from suffering the ravages of their poisoned world? Or are Araddea’s visions merely hallucinations born of her mutated mind?

Meanwhile Isabella’s brother, Luke, is desperately trying to find them to deliver medication that can save them from a disease they don’t even know they have. But Luke isn’t just delivering meds… he has escaped the military base with knowledge of a government plan that will help clean up their toxic and irradiated world, but at what cost to mutants?

Also: Check out this blog from an author on my book promotional group, Author Courtney Cannon. This blog is well done and I am very happy to promote strong female characters as these books by multi authors looks amazing!


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