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I hope Cethric doesnt mind but I have something to share.. Ill answer any questions you might have. Open Submissions Daw Books..Its an opprotunity of a lifetime..If you want to be in the big leagues you need to check this out.. If you have any questions let me know..:P Ok Author peeps especially the Sci Fi/Fantasy folks. Daw Books the Sci Fi Fantasy publishing division of Penguin Random House and the biggest publisher of these books in the continental USA is open to submissions from anyone. There is no agent required, there looking for books at least 80000 words in length and more important at least to most of us according to their FAQ they do accept self published works. They are especially looking for books from marginalised groups, by either characters or writers from said groups, Native Amercans, Disabled Folks, LBTQIA etc. They only accept full manuscripts along with query letters submitted electronically through there website. The turnaround time for the submissions is 90 days. Here is a link for more information. I just submitted the manuscript for Valkyrie Darkness Awaits the Novel three days ago, this is an incredible opprotunity folks. If I can pull this off this and I do well this will definitely change my life. Im scared shitless, but I hope we look juicy.. Ive just read the most fascinating piece of news..Daw is looking for Scifi fantasy writers from our community besides others..

https://publishedtodeath.blogspot.com/2018/07/daw-books-opens-its-doors-to-sci-fi-and.html Heres the website link.

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