Endgame Re release: Analysis and Comments

So, I found out today that Endgame is being re released in order to make it one of if not the biggest all time box office movie of all time. Not sure how I feel about this, because as they will be releasing it with new scenes I’m not sure if I want to sit there for another three hours even with new scenes added. I felt that they had so much going on anyway that I’m not sure what else they will put in to make me, a Marvel fan, intrigued enough to come back to watch over 3 hours. The original version was big enough to make you a bit anxious, at least for me anyway about sitting for 3 hours.

Here are some pros and cons of re releasing the movie.

By the way, I’m calling it here, I don’t think they will be successful, but if they do, more power to them, smart move!


New Scenes: The new scenes will be cool, although I’m not sure exactly what we will find out in regards to the Marvel Universe to make us want to come back for, but perhaps they have something up their sleeve to make us intrigued enough????? You can, instead of sitting there for 3 hours again to watch just a few minutes of scenes just wait till it comes out on streaming, I say streaming instead of DVD to date myself…anyway……..so why would you want to sit for 3 hours for just a few minutes of new scenes??? In any case at least they put in new scenes.

Watch it again: I know many people will watch it again, and again, and what better way to watch it again in the theaters with new scenes, so maybe the whole thing will work? I don’t know, but lets find out, I guess we are one way or another.


Sitting for 3 hours again….however, you can totally volunteer to be the guy/girl who volunteers to get pizza or something while everyone watches…lets hope the new scenes doesn’t come on while your away though.

Paying for it again: If you are a bit price sensitive to the price of a movie ticket, this may be one to skip. Myself, the real cost is the 3 hours, really, but I can totally understande not getting over 10 dollars worth back, plus you have to “Pay” your three hours to watch something you already watched. I think a lot of people are like me, they may want to just wait until someone posts it on youtube.

Ok, so…..as I mentioned, my call is that it doesn’t pan out like they expected, but I have been wrong many times, you know when Doctor Strange is asked how many tries would it take for us to beat Thanos, and he answers Iron Man that in only one in like..millions of universes or outcomes they win….that’s like me when it comes to predictions, I’m usually wrong……but maybe that’s why I’m not a superhero. I need to get a hold of Doctor Strange’s Ring, I’d make this article go so viral and I’d want to stay in that universe.


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