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Nathan Warner was educated in the Planetary sciences with degrees in Geology and Geophysics.  Since then, he’s worked in engineering support and church ministry.  He’s a 3d-animator, graphic artist and designer, and an amateur artist with a love of God’s amazing creation.  In 2016, he sought a creative outlet to get “off-world”, and his childhood love of Star Trek, with its optimism, sense of duty and responsibility, exploration, and discovery was a natural allure.  He began by composing audio tracks to compete with city sounds; then, he turned to digital composite paintings that “beamed” him up for a little healthy escapism, as he hopes they do for you too.

“As a kid I always wondered how a Galaxy Class Saucer landed.  How exactly does a Borg Cube “excavate” an entire colony?  What would a new golden age of Star fleet exploration look like after the Dominion War?  As an amateur artist, I woke up one day realizing I had the ability to finally share these daydreams with other Trekkers and Sci-fi enthusiasts.  I make no claims of being an artist or of perfection, just sharing the dream!” Nathan Warner

Hey, everyone,

Here is an art panel I did to expand on my original piece called
“Defying Space and Time.” I call it:


Here is an artpanel I did to expand on my original piece called
Defying Space and Time

enjoyed creating an artistic vision of a warp-bubble that is distorting the
view of the nebula beyond. I’ve included the little short story sketch I did
for it, also. Hope you enjoy! ?

To see more of my art and to read stories, visit my website at www.blabberdock.com

The U.S.S. Defiant warped like an axe head through the silent cosmos – chasing down a Dominion fleet that had recently attacked a Federation starbase, casually leaving massive casualties in its wake.

“Are we done playing nice, Captain?” Major Kira asked,
hoping Sisko would use the Defiant the way it was meant to be used – as a
reckless instrument of destruction. Captain Sisko stared into the warping stars
silently, impatient on vengeance. Suddenly, he pounded his fist into his
armrest, causing Major Kira to jump.

“No!” Sisko growled. “We’re done playing.” He turned to Lt-Cmdr Worf with anger in his voice. “Raise the cloak and charge the phasers – and get those Quantum torpedoes set to maximum yield – I want them to hurt.” Worf nodded in rare admiration.

“They will bite deep, Sir!” he grunted.

“Time to intercept?” Sisko barked at Dax. “Coming up now, Benjamin,” she replied evenly, “in three…two…one…”

The Defiant dropped out of warp, an invisible angel of
retribution catching up a fleet of half a dozen Dominion attack ships flocking
around a battle-cruiser.

Everyone on the bridge set back a little at the daunting sight,
but Sisko leaned forward.

“I want maximum
velocity!” he ordered the helm and then turned to Kira, “And I want
that cloak light and fast – we’re going to be as incorporeal as a ghost – a
phantom haunting revenge upon them!” He set his jaw. “And we’re going
to haunt them into the grave!”

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