Happening this weekend.

Happening this weekend.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank all of our new members to the Facebook Groups.

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Some new things happening this weekend and since there is so much to get to I didn’t want to write to a few groups so I decided to post this and let you all know what is going on with the website and groups.

So, first things first….tonight is the Game of Thrones new season premiere. Who do you all think will sit on the Iron Throne? I’m headed to a friends house for a group watch of the new episode.

Who do you guys think will finally sit on the Iron Throne? Cersei? John Snow? Maybe they will bring back Joffrey?

The new Star Wars trailer has dropped. I must admit I haven’t seen it yet, but from what I hear it has a few surprises, I will most likely post about this later.

Thank you Catilus Art for your postings to the Artwork Group!

From the Book Promotion Group, please check out this new book looks interesting doesn’t it?

?Rogues & Rebels, Magic & Mayhem, Futures & Fantasy? There’s no limit to the excitement that awaits when you turn the pages of #RogueSkiesBoxedSet. Preorder today for just #99c and don't forget your free ebook, Rogues Gallery packed with 19 Fantasy and Sci-fi stories and available immediately after you preorder! Pre-order Rogue Skies: books2read.com/rogueskiesFree Gift: http://bit.ly/rsfreegift

Posted by Courtney Cannon on Friday, April 12, 2019

Many thanks to the readers of this blog/website, and a big welcome to the new members of the Facebook groups.

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