“He Counts the Stars” by Nathan Warner

“He Counts the Stars” by Nathan Warner


The U.S.S. Investiture, a cutting-edge Prometheus class starship, heads into a stellar phenomenon that is bathing a magnificent nebula in powerful energy waves, causing the formation of uniquely resonating, tonal harmonies.

“It sounds almost like a cathedral choir,” Captain Rachel Ristkel mused aloud as the energy waves had been converted to audio on the bridge. The tonal frequencies were hauntingly beautiful, reminding her distinctly of Russian Orthodox worship in the cathedrals of her grandfather’s day.

Was it caused by nature or by intelligence? Rachel was eager to find out.Check out more of my art and stories on my website at www.blabberdock.com

Check out my new YouTube series examining my select pieces of art: https://www.youtube.com/user/Avaloniswest/featured

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