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Nathan Warner was educated in the Planetary sciences with degrees in Geology and Geophysics. Since then, he’s worked in engineering support and church ministry. He’s a 3d-animator, graphic artist and designer, writer, and an amateur artist with a love of God’s amazing creation. In 2016, he sought a creative outlet to get “off-world”, and his childhood love of Star Trek, with its optimism, sense of duty and responsibility, exploration, and discovery was a natural allure. He began by composing Star Trek ambiance audio tracks to transport him away from city sounds while he was working; then, he turned to digital composite paintings that “beamed” him up for a little healthy escapism. These visual visions prompted him to begin writing stories for his ship scenes, which he shared in Facebook Star Trek Groups for about a year before the encouragement of those fellow Trekkers suggested he share them in other ways.

His desire with his artwork and his stories is to expand the Star Trek universe in a canon-honoring way from the perspective of many different ships and crews – out there exploring space alongside the Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant, etc. While understanding the hesitation Star Trek fans have spending time with new ships and new crews, he encourages you to take them for a short test drive. They are, after all, only short-stories – meant to fire your imagination and pique your interest in what other adventures and mysteries one ship ran into before shifting our gaze with the next story to a new ship and crew, forming an “anthology” of sorts.

Here is a panel art piece:


Panel art piece of Nathan Warner

NOTE: the side panels are reverse angle views from the central piece.

The U.S.S. Investiture, a cutting-edge Prometheus class
starship, heads into a stellar phenomenon that is bathing a magnificent nebula
in powerful energy waves, causing the formation of uniquely resonating, tonal

“It sounds almost like a cathedral choir,” Captain
Rachel Ristkel mused aloud as the energy waves had been converted to audio on
the bridge. The tonal frequencies were hauntingly beautiful, reminding her
distinctly of Russian Orthodox worship in the cathedrals of her grandfather’s

Was it caused by nature or by intelligence? Rachel was eager to
find out.

Check out more of Nathan Warner art and stories at: http://www.blabberdock.com

Check out Nathan Warner new YouTube series examining his select pieces of art: https://www.youtube.com/user/Avaloniswest/featured

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