IT Chapter One wasn’t scary for me

IT Chapter One wasn’t scary for me

So, I think this is going to be a somewhat different opinion, but clowns don’t really scare me all that much so I think it was an uphill battle to begin with thinking that a clown was going to scare me going in to see the movie “IT”….now don’t get me wrong, I know that there is some creepiness to the concept of clowns, and oddly I understand why some people would be scared of clowns.

They do on the surface seem a bit “odd” and I think that promoting movies that take advantage of peoples natural fear of clowns to be making a killing at that. They are doing a great job of promoting clowns as scary.

So, fast forward to “IT Chapter 2”, and although I may see it because it seems like a fun movie to watch when there isn’t much else as far as competition.

I guess, “IT” or Pennywise as he is known….may have to compete with the Joker of all things less than a month for top Killer Clown.

Lets delve into why clowns can be scary though, please comment below for your analysis as to why you think clowns are so scary. I personally just see an individual who wears a funny outfit, I think most people see an insane person, plus pop culture has really pushed a scary clown concept haven’t they?

Other than pop culture and being creepy, I think that clowns started out as very benign figures, meant to make you laugh and this made them very “likeable” and non threatening, but remember John Wayne Gayce…I think I spelled his name right, otherwise known as the “Killer Clown” changed things I think for mainstream America. After Gayce, I think the nature of his crimes shocked Americans and coming from a former kids clown made it all the more worse for the clown image. Before Gayce you did have the Joker, but I don’t think people were creeped out by clowns and jokers before Gayce.

Oh well, let the clown season begin!!!! Enjoy the movies and please comment on what you think is the reason people are freaked out by clowns!

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