Latest Episode of Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5

Latest Episode of Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5

So, I have lately caught the latest Game of Thrones Episode, season 8 episode 5 and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

I know the writers and George RR Martin (GRRM) must have been facing a lot of pressure to wrap things up within the few episodes they had this season, contracts are coming up, and all loose ends much be tied together, but lately I have been reading that a lot of fans have been disappointed about the way things have been going. The following are some of the pros and cons and all of this is my humble opinion on the matter.


1.) We get to see Daenerys and Cersei finally let their anger out on each other and we get to see the battle that has been in the making for several seasons. I personally liked the battle scenes, although there were a few tactical issues I had with how it all played out. I didn’t think the stone, ships, and fireproof structures stood much of a chance against the dragons fire from Daenerys and her dragon, but I was willing to forgive this for the good of the series.

2.) The Hound vs The Mountain: this fight was good, we finally see how the mountain finally looks under that helmet and as somewhat of a zombie as well. I have been looking forward to this fight for a long time, even wondering if it will happen at all.

3.) The choice that John must now make in doing the morally right thing and keeping his oath to his “Queen”. Daenerys has clearly overstepped any morality in her quest to destroy Cersei, and this has put John in a bind. He knows deep down he is the king, others know it as well, but he doesn’t want it, and now he finally sees that the inevitable may happen, he must take the throne for himself for the good of the people. There was no reason for Daenerys to do what she did.


  1. ) I thought the pacing of everything was a bit quick, I have to agree with others that it seems like the storyline is no longer developing characters, a lot of whom people have grown to love, but about tying up loose ends and finishing this years long story. The pace at which it is all happening is happening very quickly though and seems a bit out of pace with previous seasons and sometimes it feels a bit rushed.
  2. ) Daenerys going off like a crazed mad woman was starting to seem like a bit of a stretch, its one thing to burn a traitor, someone who tried to undermine your throne but going off out of nowhere on innocent people when the battle was won was a bit of a stretch for my perception of Daenerys as a character, which comes back to the pacing of everything that is happening.
  3. ) A lot of it was a bit cliche….at some points it seemed like it was predictable, the Mountain vs The Hound, setting up a collision course between John and Daenerys……fast and predictable, the death of Jamie and Cersei is another one that seemed a bit rushed. I think some people wanted to see Cersei go out with a bang instead of deep down underground with Jamie hugging her as they did…

So, where does it all go from here? We’ll see……..we left with Arya riding on a white horse, to who knows where, at least I can’t remember….but I imagine she will try to kill Daenerys at some point. I hope the ending is good and doesn’t seem rushed just to tie things up like the past few episodes, however, with all that being said I think it is a massive job for the screenwriters and GRRM to tie everything up and still give an entertaining story, you can’t please everyone though. Lets hope everything turns out all right and we get the ending we have all been waiting for.

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