My thoughts on the new D23 Star Wars Trailer

My thoughts on the new D23 Star Wars Trailer

So I watched the trailer for the new upcoming Star Wars Episode 9 and I thought it was decent myself. The musical score was what really stood out for me and although at first I wasn’t that much of a fan of putting so much of the old footage in a trailer for a new movie I thought it worked in a way.

So, after hearing the Star Wars theme in a different sort of tone we get to the new characters, and the new movie and there were a few interesting bits there:

First, we C3PO ( I hope I didn’t butcher his name, maybe it is C-3PO), in red eyes….so I think that has a lot of people thinking and wondering what are we going to get with C3PO?

Is he going to be a villain? Is this what they are hinting at?

We see a cool shot of Rey doing a few things, first she throws her lightsaber and cuts a tree and the lightsaber comes back like a boomerang, the shot was cool, I liked it, plus we see her fight Kylo Ren, then finally we see her in a black uniform, Sith clothes..I mean….and then she opens up her lightsaber and it reminds us of Darth Mauls dual lightsaber staff.

Remember this???

Darth Maul doing what a Darth Maul does

That was a cool scene I thought from the first Star Wars, I wish we had more of those types of scenes though, but too much of a good thing will ruin it won’t it?

So, Rey is holding two lightsabers and she sort of looks a little bit like Darth Maul doesn’t she?

So, this looks good, but trailers have been so wrong before, are they just sort of teasing us with threats to make Rey a Sith, is she related to Darth Maul? I don’t know but I feel that would be sort of cool if she is though.

Finally at the end we see Rey and Kylo Ren fighting it out on the sea on a ship and the fight does look good.

The trailer overall looks good, the music is nice and I will see the movie, but I’m not happy with the Last Jedi though, I thought they could have done better….much better really, but anyway we’ll see where this one goes. I’m guessing that they will have a big surprise ending, and close loopholes and plot threads that have been going on for multiple movies.

Maybe they will bring Darth Maul back in some way, I don’t know, although I think that would be cool if they did, Darth Maul seemed actually like a cool guy if you get past his chip on the shoulder..

What do I think will happen and quick predictions?

I personally am going to predict that we will have a big reveal about something we previously didn’t know about, and along those lines I think that Rey being a daughter of Darth Maul is a real possibility, and that she is the daughter of Qi’ra and Darth Maul.

As for the Emperors return, I have no idea how they would go about bringing him back and it not being a bit silly…..I mean we all saw him die at the end of the original trilogy right? I sometimes think it may be lazy writing, and convenience that prompts some of these writers to just bring someone back…but that is my humble opinion….

To see the full trailer please look at the official Star Wars trailer on youtube:

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