Not sure about “Shazam” movie

Not sure about “Shazam” movie

I just finished watching the trailer for “Shazam”, and I have to say I’m not so sure if I am going to like it.

I could be wrong but there didn’t really seem to be anything I’m particularly excited about. The concept of a boy turning into a superhero like Superman is not something I take very seriously. As a side note I have to say it is interesting to see the timing of the movie since it comes on the heels of “Captain Marvel”, which there has always been a back and forth legal dispute about the name Captain Marvel. Originally Shazam was named Captain Marvel, and the boy had to shout “Shazam!” to become Captain Marvel, but throughout the years the name has changed hands and I’m sure that behind the scenes there has been a lot of legalities involved of which the general public is not aware of about the name of Captain Marvel and Shazam.

Back to the movie though, I am not expecting much from it, I’m not excited about it, nor does it come across as a serious movie, I get the vibe and feeling that it seems more like a half comedy than anything else. The special effects do not seem to be great either.

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