Pre thoughts and Analysis of Star Wars Episode 9 “Rise of Skywalker”

Pre thoughts and Analysis of Star Wars Episode 9 “Rise of Skywalker”

Star Wars Episode 9 “The Rise of Skywalker” comes out tomorrow on December 20th, 2019 and I just wanted to give a few of my pre movie thoughts and basic pre movie analysis of it.

Problems with “Last Jedi”

Overall, I wasn’t a fan of “The Last Jedi”, and felt just like so many other fans they spent to much time tearing down a lot of the expectations that was laid during “The Force Awakens”. For example, at the end of “Force Awakens” we see Rey handing the lightsaber to Luke, and the movie ends on this note leaving the viewer wondering what words, what actions will Luke make in his first time back in nearly 40 years since “Return of the Jedi”? We get a toss of the lightsaber, and this I think hit hard with a lot of fans of Star Wars who were disappointed that this was a common theme in Last Jedi.

Luke tosses the lightsaber

Who are Rey’s parents??? Who cares

Who were the Knights of Ren?? Who cares

Who was Snoke? Who cares

Also, video out there comparing Escape from LA to the ending of The Last Jedi:

Throughout the movie Kylo Ren AKA Ben Solo keeps repeating to let go of the past, kill it if you have to. So the overall theme was to let go of your expcectations of Star Wars, and what you wanted and let a new story take place. So fans left……..

I think I heard somewhere that Solo wasn’t the moneymaker they thought it was going to be. That movie was already having issues but I”m not sure, but I think overall it wasn’t even profitable when you factor in marketing and other expenses.

Can “Rise of Skywalker” save Star Wars?

I don’t know, but I”m hopeful that Rise of Skywalker will somewhat correct some of these issues presented in the last Star Wars movie. I wasn’t a fan of the Last Jedi, but I”m hopeful that the franchise can be salvaged though. I even heard that Episode 10 of Star Wars is slated to come out in like 2022 or something?? I don’t know for sure, but lets hope they correct some of the problems and issues they have been having with the previous movie.

What I hope to see in Episode 9

Overall, lets delve into what I hope to see in this movie…..well, I would for one like to know who Snoke was, although I’m still not happy this character wasn’t used a bit more in the movies. It would be nice know who the knights of ren were, or are……

I”m not sure how they can go about giving Luke some of his character back, but I hope somehow they have thought of something to give a bit more respect to Lukes character. I didn’t like how he went out as a hologram on some lonely planet.

I think it would be nice to see some new and exciting characters and I know many fans were not excited about new characters such as Jar Jar Binks, Rose Tico, amongst others, but I must say I am open to even these characters.

I never had an issue with Jar Jar or Rose…..and I have read quite a bit about the negative comments that have made the actual actors life a nightmare and am quite sorry that an actor would take the brunt of anger, its not like it is their fault if you don’t like their character….my opinion though.

Hoping for the best!!!

I hope this movie proves to be entertaining, and amongs the best Star Wars movies we have seen, from early snippets I have read it seems before it comes out that the critics are somewhat not receptive to it. It currently, one day before it comes out, seems to have a critic score of 60 percent on rotten tomatoes though. No audience scores just yet, but we’ll see what audiences think of it.

Thanks for reading and comment below if you like? What do you think?

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