Promoted Books May 4th, 2019

Promoted Books May 4th, 2019

May the Force be with you, it is May 4th, 2019 and I just wanted to promote some personal picks from my quick scan of the book promotion group from Facebook for science fiction and fantasy.

The first one I felt was noticeable today was “The Hell Chronicles” Box set by Tina Glasneck. I like the front cover, the description was good and comes out just in time for the new Infinity War from Marvel with Loki and Thor. This is about Loki’s daughter though.

Next one I particularly noticed was “Dark Legacy” by Maggie Anderson. The reason I chose this one for today was because the front cover was well done, the description also was great and I think especially if someone likes urban fantasy they should definitely check it out.

Also noticable was one by Lawrence Oliver with “The Last Marines”. Anything military and space I’m interested in, so this one pulled me in particularly.

So those are the books which have caught my attention for today. I hope you all are having a great day!

If anyone wishes to follow us, our group, I do scan the group for great books to promote here on my blog.

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