“Resistance Rises” by Nathan Warner

Hey, everyone,

Here is one of my latest art pieces, all thanks to my wife who got me some new models this Christmas 🙂


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Responding to precision airstrikes from orbit, the young Lt. Kira Nerys takes lead in her 2-person Bajoran Raider, followed up by her wing-man, as they scramble to intercept Cardassian forces bombarding Bajoran resistance positions in the Eastern province during the Occupation.

Cobbled together from spare parts, these raiders were not the ideal weapons of war, but with two wing-mounted phasers, they could take any punch the Cardassians gave and punch back just as hard.

Note: I love the opportunity to do “aviation art” for Trek when I learn that the ships from canon I’m working on operate in atmosphere or at least CAN operate in atmosphere. There is something special about the light and perspective that I love. As an aside, I originally titled this piece “Bajoran Guppies” as I love how these little raiders look like fat little fish with a mean attitude.

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