“Shore Leave” by Nathan Warner

“Shore Leave” by Nathan Warner

Here is some of my art for today (click for full image):


Lt. Andre Paulson stood beside his Danube class runabout after landing on the gentle ocean shores of Delta V for his shore-leave after a rough patch on the front-lines of the Klingon-Federation conflict.

The calming waves and the blue water soothed over the sounds of explosions and hulls tearing apart, mingled in with the screams of the injured and dying.

Into his thoughts, he heard someone calling and looked up the shore to his left. His friends, Rejo and Bartlet, were already up the coast a little ways collecting driftwood to make a campfire for the rapidly approaching evening.

It reminded Andre that he was supposed to collect the tent-kits from the shuttle and shut it down. And of course he couldn’t forget the treat! He’d brought rare un-replicated ancient human delicacies that he wanted to surprise his friends with – a mixture of a sweet cracker, chocolate wafer, and a sweet gelatinous lump called a marshmallow, for something once called a “s’more.”

In the background of his mind, he left his turmoil at the tragic situation with Qo’noS and his uneasiness with the emergence of the Dominion and headed off to find his friends.

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