Song of Vengeance

Song of Vengeance


About George Beighey

George Beighey was born in Denver, CO (1966) is a father of two sons, with three grandchildren, along with his beautiful wife, Kelly. George is an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy. Main influences as a writer are Michael Moorcock and H.P. Lovecraft.
His first novel, God Slayer is dedicated to his wife, Kelly. She was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer, and her fight was a great inspiration in writing this book. They have been married for 30 years and the struggle against the disease continues.

“I see the courage with which she fights, and her great desire to live. She is my greatest inspiration and my hero.”

In addition to books, George enjoys sports, especially football and boxing. He has been a coach for youth sports on a volunteer basis, and loves kids in general.

God Slayer is the first novel George has written. He has had several poems published by the National Society of Poetry and several short stories published on the web.

Song of Vengeance: Book 3 in The Songs of Immortality

Song of Vengeance: Book 3 in The Songs of Immortality
Is Vengeance ever sweet?
Does it offer release, or does it just complicate the situation?

Lord Thog battles these questions when he finds his wife poisoned in their bedchamber. When the evidence points to his best friend Jobri, Lord Thog seeks out a vengeance that leads him to a criminal empire in the Cyrros Islands.

Falsely accused, Jobri fled Curason for the assassins guild in Cyrros, where he finds a lifestyle that is tailored to his unique skills. As Jobri gains the confidence of the guild master, he learns that the murder of Thog’s wife was actually an attempt on Thog himself, commissioned by the assassins guild in order to promote the world’s deadliest killer to the unique position of One.

Will Lord Thog discover the truth behind his wife’s murder? Will he find the truth about Jobri’s innocence? Will the immortal God Slayer survive the assassin’s guild?

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