Space X Launch and the Future of Mankind

Space X Launch and the Future of Mankind

It is always amazing to see the advancements of mankind continue to push the boundaries of exploration and technology. So, recently Space X launched its payload on behalf of the Canadian government for some new satellites it is sending into orbit.

Wasn’t is just a few years ago that it really seemed like our space programs were not very newsmaking things. Sure, there was the occasional space shuttle launch to the space station, some scientific experiments going on, but overall the exploration of space seemed to really take a few decades backseat to other news like the war on terror, the financial crisis, and so on. I believe Space X has plans for a manned mission to Mars even now. According to the following article it could happen as early as 2024.

Mankind has come a long way recently and I sometimes wonder if NASA can keep up with these private ventures such as Space X.

Then again, Space X has a founder, Elon Musk, that is an ambitious CEO and has never been one to sit on the sidelines. He has always pushed the boundaries of what technology can do for private enterprise.

The big question is where exactly do we go from here? Well, Mars is next, but I believe it would be cheaper and maybe more practical to do the moon first.

Do we by chance have any moon landing hoaxers reading this? Please comment, and vice versa, I know amongst some I know they believe we never went.

I digress though.

Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes and I for one am looking forward to when we will look through a telescope and be amazed that there are people, communities and possibly even a country of its own on Mars.

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