Spiderman Far From Home Review: July 2019

Spiderman Far From Home Review: July 2019

A few days ago I saw “Spiderman: Far From Home” and wanted to do a quick review of the movie. I am going to give it two thumbs up for several reasons.

First, the movie was very well done and I thought the actors did a great job throughout the movie. The movie had a few twists which to be fair I had no idea was coming and they were welcome surprises which had me intrigued scene by scene.

The villain was very well done, and without getting into spoilers I went in not knowing what to expect as far as what sort of villain I was going to get in this movie. The initial “monsters” didn’t really much do anything for me, but the battles between this “Mysterio” character and the monsters were a bit interesting.

The overall way the movie was filmed and the special effects were nicely done and the details of the movie also kept it interesting. For example, the constant tug of real life and Peter Parkers almost obligation to do the right thing by helping to battle the monsters were a source of confusion for the main character in wanting to do the right thing but also wanting a normal life. The pull between responsibility and what you really want to do is something a lot of people would identify with. It is not always easy to do the right thing and seeing Peter Parker/Spiderman struggle with that was entertaining and relatable.

Added to his confusion was his constant reminder that at the end of the day he is still just a teenager with teenage problems, and without being able to fully share that with everyone he must put himself in danger due to his powers which no one else has.

Another nice aspect of the movie was the gift from Tony Stark, and there were a few surprises that included this gift and the story takes a few big turns because of it, but I’ll save the spoiler for anyone that has not yet seen the movie.

The villain was well done, which is another aspect that I like to see in these movies, a movie is completely boring without a great villain, which was an issue I had with the Captain Marvel movie to be fair, but that is another issue entirely.

The movie was good as well as well placed and well timed humor as is typical for a Marvel movie. The plot was good, the surprises good, so overall I do highly recommend this movie for a good night out at the movie theater.

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