Star Shepard by R.R. Virdi

Star Shepard by R.R. Virdi

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You are here to celebrate the release of Star Shepard, book one of the space western series, Shepherd of Light, by R.R.Virdi.

Star Shepherd knows a raw deal when he sees one. And he’s got the worst one in the galaxy: to deliver a mysterious package to a rebellion to change the scales of power in favor of the common man. As he meets with an old friend to seek much-needed help, he draws the attention of a genocidal admiral willing to destroy entire worlds if it means catching Star Shepherd.

Will Star survive the chase and bring hope to the rebellion, or deliver a gift into the hands of a worse power, tipping the galaxy into further chaos?

Character Interview – Star Shepherd

If you had one piece of advice to give, what would it be?

Most things in life can be figured out by sitting still for a moment and thinking clearly.

What is your earliest memory?

My father showing me around his ship, talking to me all excited-like about every inch of it, telling me the kind of life I could one day have like his Ex Military.

Do you have a pet, and if not, what would your ideal pet be?

Does a ship count?

If you could go back in time, what day would you choose?

None. I’ve had my eyes on what’s in front of me for as long as I can remember. Don’t see a need to go or be looking back.

What do you carry in your pockets/backpack?

My hands…on occassion, mostly on account of stuffing them in there. What else am I supposed to have/carry?

What are your most import values?

Let people be. Don’t muck in their business, which sounds a funny thing coming from me considering what I’ve gone and done, but still, leave ’em be.

What emotion are you afraid to experience?

Not sure to be honest.

What living person do you most despise?

Don’t go around despising many folk out of habit, but Admiral Cain sits in a place for me that surely fits that word…and many more beside it. I would piss on the man if he were on fire just so I could do the deed, but the thought of putting him out rankles me, leaving me in one helluva quandry. Likely would end up watching him and wouldn’t do a damn thing even for all the wealth in the vasty galaxy. That’s about right, right? Fitting description for someone you despise?

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