Star Wars 9 May Not Impress Audiences…but am hopefull

Star Wars 9 May Not Impress Audiences…but am hopefull

I thought I’d share my initial thoughts on a recent article I read on which basically stated that Emperor Palpatine may come back, which the initial trailers hinted at, however, according to the article he may appear very early on in the movie, supposedly they have a leak, which I’m not sure how true most of the “leaks” are these days. Star Wars articles get a lot of publicity, which is understandable after all Star Wars is the most popular story franchise of all time if I am not mistaken. Memorable characters with a core trilogy that came out decades ago that is hard for any studio to duplicate.

So, what are my thoughts on this storyline if proven to be true? I’m not exactly sure, I personally like JJ Abrams, but I am worried that there are so many story threads that need to be hammered out and are already on a trajectory that he can’t stop really.

I have always maintained that certain things in stories bore me, bringing back characters from the “netherrealm of the force” being somewhat lazy writing and convenient in my opinion, as well as subjects like time travel, raising dead characters, and quick character tie ups are some of my pet peeves when it comes to big franchises. The writers make unbelieveble money and all they can think of is “time travel”. The problem with time travel is that its just so convenient and lazy as far as I”m concerned.

I hope the story goes well, but I am worried that it will all come off as a quick and easy endings for all of the characters, bringing back Palpatine from the Netherrealm of the Force may work, but I think they need to be careful about creating more plot holes than they fill……the other being using ships to go to light speed to take out entire squadrons of the bad guys….

umm…..Admiral Holdo……..

So what are your thoughts on the return of Palpatine? Do you think it will be a great movie or do you think it will be disapointing?

Do it!!!!
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