Star Wars Episode 9: The Fans Strike Back or Return of the Fanbase??

The new Star Wars coming out this coming year will be interesting to see, not only for the end of the Skywalker Saga, but because of the perfomance and divisiveness of the Last Jedi.

So, the fans seemed to be very, and incredibly divided on how the Last Jedi was received and I personally can understand some of the backlash. Luke tossing his lightsaber…ummm….ok……..flying Leia, and a total waste of precious minutes during the Canto Bight scenes. There was so much backlash it was hard to believe that the die hard fans had turned on it so much.

After Last Jedi came out the backlash and bad taste left after the Last Jedi was so bad that the movie “Solo” didn’t do nearly as good as what they were expecting and I personally liked “Solo”, and was somewhat disappointed that they even blamed the poor performance on “Star Wars Fatigue”. Star Wars Fatigue? So, a fan base that has been going to conventions for decades is fatigued from the overwhelming number of Star Wars movies…nawww…..not buying it.

Where do they go from here though with the story? It is going to be hard to see where this is going to end up. I think most people really wanted to see the original cast members get back together, which is now impossible to see. In the trailer Rey has a lightsaber, I’m assuming that somehow it is the same lightsaber that got destroyed and is now somehow put back together??? Kylo Ren is fixing his helmet, we see the old death star and of course Chewie. The emperor laughs at the end, but how many storylines are they going to tie in together? Plus the title is called “Rise of Skywalker”, so does that mean Rey is a Skywalker?

I think many fans are upset also on how many corrections that need to be made to appeal back to the original fanbase. So, they built up Rey’s parentage like it was something, then it turned out to be nothing…..Snoke was suppposed to be a big bad guy, then turned out to be a weird…something that got killed easily by Kylo Ren.

Did anyone else notice that at the end of Last Jedi Kylo Ren screams after Luke says he was sorry “I bet you are!!!” he kinda sounded to me like a little kid that yells that. “I bet you are!!!!” Maybe he said I”m sure you are…anyway… another question I was asking was what did Rey actually learn from Luke? We never got to see any real training as far as I’m concerned, plus she beat Luke….so what exactly can she learn from him if she can beat him with a lightsaber?

Screenrant has an article on the subject, so the comic book actually came out later and he “slipped”, and I face palmed. Seriously? What??? So that means he still isn’t the Jedi master to learn from.

I don’t know where they are going to go from here though, lets hope somehow JJ Abrams can make something from the mess the franchise is in now.

To see the trailer for Episode 9 see the youtube trailer below.


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