Star Wars Trailer Analysis by Douglas Sharp

Star Wars Trailer Analysis by Douglas Sharp

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has the potential to redeem the franchise or be the last nail in the coffin, at least in some people’s eyes. While Star Wars will never truly die, its influence has diminished. Let’s take a look at the first teaser trailer, which has done nothing to help the division but neither has it widened it.

It opens with Rey standing on a desert planet and then Luke Skywalker commenting in a voiceover. While what Luke is saying is important, I want to focus on the visuals that we are seeing. The camera pans down and we see Rey’s lightsaber, which is very similar to the one Anakin made, that both he and Luke used. The design is slightly different, showing that it is likely that Rey used pieces of the lightsaber broken in the Last Jedi to make this one. This could be a sign that she continues to seek inspiration from those past Jedi to guide her, as well as honoring them. The Tie passes in front of us, the wing style like that of Kylo Ren’s Tie fighter. Rey take out her lightsaber and turns, preparing to run and then sprints in front of the incoming Tie, flipping above it as it reaches her.

The first thing that stood out to me was that she was waiting for this Tie fighter. Why? Even a Jedi is at a disadvantage in this situation, especially on an open field. The next is, if they are engaged in combat, why isn’t the pilot firing his weapons? So much of this seems like the trailer is trying to mislead us, which should be expected. The last thing that they want to imply is that Kylo is piloting this craft but never show him. This Tie is not the same as his Tie in the Last Jedi. If you look closer, this Tie fighter looks more like the Tie Interceptors that are seen in Return of the Jedi. This whole scene yells misdirection.

The next part shows a nice view of an A-wing flying to a city and then it cuts to Kylo Ren in a fight. The person he is fighting doesn’t look like a Resistance soldier. The color scheme of what the man is wearing is too dark. Problems within the First Order? A new dark side power has emerged? Maybe the Knights of Ren weren’t happy with Snoke’s death and found out it was Kylo who killed there leader, not Rey? I’m not sure what to make of the rebuilding of Kylo’s mask, as the brief glimpse offers no context. There are many who go into things outside the movie, but I’m not going to with this analysis.

The next part is just character glimpses to show us that the familiar faces are all there and to announce that Lando Calrissian, play by Billy Dee Williams, is making an appearance. How large that part will be, I don’t know, but that little scene brought a smile to my face. The last scene is the three new heroes looking at the wreckage of something large, possibly the Death Star. Which one, I don’t know. The landscape could easily be on Yavin Four or the Forest Moon of Endor. It ends with Luke stating “No one’s ever really gone” and the picture fading to black as the Emperor laughs.

This last part could be a huge misdirection, as the part the Emperor plays could be small, such as his force ghost hanging out in the ruins of the Death Star, or he could be central to the story. As long as the story is done right, either way could work.  A couple more things that stood out to me: many of the scenes shown in this teaser take place on a desert planet. Will it be a familiar planet, like Tatooine or somewhere new? Given that is appears they are searching for something, returning to Tatooine could be a possibility.

What are your thoughts on the teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? What do you think of my analysis?

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I obviously didn’t get the title right, but I would be thrilled if any of my ideas happened to be in the film.

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