Terminator Dark Fate Thoughts and Analysis

Terminator Dark Fate Thoughts and Analysis

Terminator Dark Fate
Terminator Dark Fate Movie Poster


I saw Terminator Dark Fate the other day and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the film. I had read some initial posts online, a few articles on Yahoo news — If I remember where I read the articles — and I wasn’t expecting much from it. I don’t know why a lot of the initial reviews I read about were bad, I really enjoyed it myself, and as an added bonus I felt I went in there with low expectations thanks to the bad reviews I read and was surprised on the upside with how much I liked it. That is not to say that there were some improvements I would have done to the movie.

First things first….lets talk/read about what I liked about the film first. I really enjoyed the action of the movie, the movie was very well paced for myself and although I thought that with the previous movies they had a big tangled web of plots/story lines/ etc to untangle which I guess they did an ok job of doing in Dark Fate but the character arcs turned out to be fairly well done.

I wasn’t too happy with what happened to John Connor in the beginning though…more on that later.

The characters of the movie were ok…actually I would say in some sense well done for my liking. The villain remained a villain throughout the movie which is somewhat of a breath of fresh air for me as I felt in recent movies the blurring of lines between good guys and bad guys is overdone. Having a bad guy/villain be just that and a clear bad guy is something that is fun to watch sometimes. Reason being is the villain in this movie has no backstory except he is there to kill the future leader of the resistance movement. I really enjoy and especially lately movies that do not place an emphasis on seeing things from the point of view of the villain. I have come to somewhat hate that in a way which made watching this movie all the more nice.

The female lead character, Grace, is an enhanced human/cyborg and although somewhat skeptical if someone like Grace could sort of…kind of fill Arnolds/T-101 shoes as the lead in protecting the resistance leader I felt she was well done as a casting and character. I don’t ever recall ever seeing this actor, I don’t know much about her offhand, never seen her, but I thought she did a great job of acting and her character.

Sarah Connors character was ok…..a bit lacking, as a fan of the older Terminators I wanted to see more from Sarah Connor as a character, but I know the franchise must move forward, and to do so they need to end her character arc and close her story and open new stories, so I did understand how/why she was not the main focus, neither was Arnold for that matter.

Which brings me to the Terminator/Arnold/T-101, which made this whole franchise so incredibly popular. It was awesome to see Arnold again as the younger Terminator in the beginning of the movie, and in some ways it was interesting to see the storyline on John Connor. They did an awesome job of making the characters young again, I can’t even believe they can even do that to the extent they did, it was truly amazing, and great to see them all young again.

I didn’t think I would like the humor in Arnolds character, especally when he was conversing about his new drapes business. I found it to be incredibly humorous about how he said “No, don’t do it” when talking about a certain drape over a child.

It was hard to get over how the killer T101 could all of a sudden grow a conscious though, but there was enough funny moments at least for me to forgive any problems with the T101 growing a heart for humans.

Its going to be tough to move forward without “The Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh well, at least the franchise can move forward…kind of sort of….in a way I guess……..

Reason I say that is the leader of the robots is really new, its not even Skynet, I wish it was still Skynet because that is going to be difficult for me to know its a new artificial intelligence called Legion, which is the new bad future AI bent on destroying humans.

Anyway, I give it a thumbs up, from me anyway. I liked it! I hope you liked my review and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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