The Future of Star Wars

The Future of Star Wars

It is difficult to say where Star Wars is headed for the next few years, I say this because it is amazing to see such fan made videos as this last one of Darth Vader vs Obi Wan, a fan made by SC38Reimagined on youtube. It must be very troubling for Disney to see their now prized franchise being remade by the fans. Where does Star Wars go from here? I ask because they have in recent years had a troubling time with Episode 8 “The Last Jedi”, and “Solo”. I myself wasn’t the biggest fan of Episode 8 for various reasons which I may cover in another article, however, I enjoyed “Solo” probably against the wishes of many hard core Star Wars fans, although with that being said there were a few things I wished had changed about Solo…again, I’ll cover that in another article later.

So, with fans making better versions that the movie studios produce where exactly does Star Wars go from here? They do have Episode 9 “The Rise of Skywalker” coming out soon, but I personally fear that the movie will be nothing but damage control from Episode 8. Already in the trailer we see Kylo Ren’s helmet being put back together, I believe there is the original lightsaber that was supposedly destroyed for good, Rey has that same lightsaber in the opening trailer, so did it come back, did she recover it and reconstruct it?

I have heard that they will try to bring closure to the Skywalker saga, but just how they are going to do that, I don’t know. I don’t see how they can do that without totally retconning the last episode as if it didn’t happen. They spent an entire movie telling fans to “kill the past”, and now they want the fans to get nostalgic for old characters, even naming the entire movie on Skywalker.

I think Disney is worried that the ship is sinking, it may be slowly sinking but it is somewhat sinking…….and it can’t help that fans are making better versions of lightsaber battles than the movie studios either…so whoever is this SC38Reimagined, maybe they should offer this individual a contract to make the next Star Wars:

Here is the video:

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