The Lion King: An analysis

The Lion King: An analysis

I watched the new Lion King last night and I wasn’t all that thrilled with it, thats not to say that it was a bad movie, its just that I thought it could have been done a lot better. For me the movie seemed to be lacking a type of emotional response that I felt with the first one. I didn’t think the voices were as convincing as the first one, I don’t know why Disney decided to do another Lion King, the first one was good enough.

That is not to say there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the Lion King, its just that I don’t see the need to redo it. That being said, the visuals were actually impressive and stunning, but the voices and sound seemed to be a bit off as far as I”m concerned. I didn’t think Beyonces voice worked with a copy voice of the original Simba, and that was one particular thing that I felt was a bit off. Her singing voice is for obvious reasons very impressive, but I don’t think her character and Simba worked well together. I think if they had changed both Nala and Simbas voice it may have worked, but as it turns out they changed only Nala’s voice, and Simba still sounded the same, Mufasa sounded the same, but some of the other characters voice they changed it sort of felt like it was a new movie, but different voice actors for only half the characters. It didn’t work for me. Some of the scenes weren’t as emotional as the first movie I think either. We didn’t get to see Mufasa in the clouds like the first time and I was somewhat expecting that as in the original movie/cartoon that was a major point of the movie driving our main character to become the king he was always meant to be, you only hear a voice and that didn’t have the impact I thought it should have, it didn’t feel as cool as before I guess is what I’m saying.

Scar felt a bit off, I actually thought Scar came down a few notches in the villain meter because he looked like a big cat with some disease as opposed to more villainous look he had in the original movie. In some ways I think you can feel bad for scar in the new movies, unliked, disease ridden, he comes off as a bad Lion only because he is mentally lacking, like maybe if he just had one more antelope he’d be ok. So, was there any other lions around? Did just two male lions have all those female lions to themselves? I guess one top lion gets everything? I don’t know, I’m not much of a lion expert, but that seems like being the top lion you get literally EVERYTHING, like the kingdom, all the female lions, all the antelope etc…….

What do you all think? Is it good to be the top lion? What would you all do if you were the top lion? Would you even share an antelope?

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