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Born and bred in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, I have been married for nearly 39 years, with three grown children. I’ve had a variety of jobs from postman to working in the financial sector to lecturing at Further Educational colleges, but I have also written in a number of genres, usually with a historical base.


A Dark Age fantasy based in Scotland, The Swordswoman has Melcorka as the main character. A naïve young woman from the Isles, she is given a choice between life as a warrior or a life of luxury, chooses the former and embarks on a campaign to drive the invading Norse out of Scotland.

Helped by a magic sword, Melcorka has a series of adventures that includes meeting the enigmatic Bradan the Wanderer and the People of Peace. She gathers together a collection of disparate peoples to face the invaders, but there is a twist at the end.

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