Thoughts and Opinion on “Joker” 2019

Thoughts and Opinion on “Joker” 2019

SPOILER ALERT!!! Do not read this as I may insert a few movie spoilers for the new Joker movie.

So, now that I have seen the Joker and have had time to digest over several days the movie I saw I thought I’d give my opinion on the movie.

Overall, I thought the movie was good, it was entertaining and as I mentioned in my previous article on the Joker I was a bit apprehensive about it going in because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the main character being a psychopath who then goes down that dark hole of mental instability.

The way the movie was shot was a bit more real than other comic book adaptations, but then again DC has always been just a bit darker than Marvel, so that one is not a surprise. Joaquine Phoenix did a great job of portraying him, so I think the opinions I have been hearing about his performance are really in line with what I saw.

The movie did get a bit weird at some points, but I thought maybe that was the effect intended was for me to question why he is doing some things and why is this even in the movie?

Was that a dance he was doing or was it some sort of Tai Chi exercise he was doing throughout the movie, I couldn’t tell, but throughout the movie I can see how someone with already existing mental health issues could easily go down a destructive path and become a cold killer. That part of the movie was interesting for several reasons.

1.) Finally a movie that is different in Hollywood, this movie was different and while I know many people may not agree with following a psychopath towards his entry into killing, the movie did clearly show that he lacked a lot of remorse for his actions, and the movie clearly was not trying to make him the “goodguy”.

2.) I believe the film took some risks, and for this I am giving credit for that taking of risk.

3. ) The vibe and feel of this version of Joker was similar to the Heath Ledger Joker many people have come to look forward to duplicating at some point. That version of the Joker is by far the most popular and this movie I though laid the foundations of a character just like that version of the Joker.

4.) Introducing motives for a little more backstory in Batman and the Joker feud. I’ll let you watch to understand that.

Thank you for reading this article, please comment below for your thoughts on this as well.

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