Underworld Movie Analysis and Promoted Books

Underworld Movie Analysis and Promoted Books

So, I was working online and watching “Underworld” starring Kate Beckinsale and quite enjoyed watching it again after so many years. I like the dark tone that it is set in, was good. Well, maybe to be expected since after all it is a movie about vampires and werewolves.

Speaking of which, I tend to side with the werwolves or …..I guess lycans. I see lycans as a bit cooler than vampires for some reason, I don’t know why. Vampires come across as not nearly as strong as most lycans maybe.

So, the movie goes on to show a vampire/lycan hybrid which is more powerful than either the lycans or vampires. I think the concept was cool, the way they did it was good. It was a nice throwback to when there were several movie lines that had a good vampire story, the other being “Blade” with Wesley Snipes.

I think we are due for more cool stories involving vampires, and maybe one day lycans, but until they rule the world I guess I’ll have to settle for movie after movie portrays the vampires in the positive light, lycans are usually seen as “dumb” I think…..I wish there was purely a lycan movie though. I guess we have Beast from Xmen, but even he doesn’t have his own movie.

All that being said I am a big fan of Wesley Snipes and Blade though. I would love to see more movies like Blade.

Here are two books that I have noticed today that seem intriguing if you like vampires and urban fantasy.

This book looks interesting by Angelica Markus:

As well as this one by Yvonne Robertson:

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