Virus — Endgame: The Final Battle

Epic Climax Set For “Virus: Endgame”

Virus Endgame: The Final Battle

Patrick Cornelis is now fundraising for the conclusion of his more than worthy horror comic, “Virus: Endgame.” The over 120 page release is set to wrap up the story in mind-blowing fashion.

Official synopsis:

Is there still hope for victory or is all hope lost against the seemingly invincible celestial Saren, who has now merged with the essence of her sister Birr’chonna, commanding billions of zombies all over the world, along with her three minions.

Oceania, the only untouched continent is doing everything it can to stave of infection and to give support to the rest of the world. But will they succeed in their efforts?

They will need to find a solution to the rapidly approaching swarm of spores Saren released earlier (see Virus 3) that will ensure complete domination over Earth and will bring humanity to the brink of extinction.

Choices will have to be made, sacrifices demanded, who will be the last one standing at the end?

“Virus 4: Endgame” is already half way towards meeting its fundraising goal. You can help them get there by backing the project here :…/patrickcornel…/virus-4-endgame

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