War Dogs Heading Home by AJ Newman

War Dogs Heading Home by AJ Newman

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War Dogs Heading Home BY AJ Newman

Book 1 of my War Dogs series

This novel is about how a man, his dog, and his friends adjust to the new normal when the world ends due to Electromagnetic Pulse bombs destroying the electrical grid and most electronics. The shit hit the fan; our country has seen the apocalypse, and now people must learn how to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Every day becomes worse than the day before since there is no electricity, transportation, and people are dying from starvation, disease, and violence. As food and water begin to run out, the country descends into anarchy with looting, rioting, and gang violence becoming the new order. With lawlessness rife and gangs of thugs taking over the remaining cities, our hero must fight every day to exist much less survive. The world has been shoved back to the technical level attained in the 1850s.

I decided to write the novel from the point of view of the main hero, so the story is a first-person account of his experience in the first days of the apocalypse. My hero suffers from wounds on the battlefield and a plane crash just before being thrust into the apocalypse. He experiences the joy found in his friendship with his dog and the bitter betrayal from an old friend. I think the first-person point of view enabled me to make the story more personal to the reader. A writer strives to make the reader experience the situation as told in the novel as much as reading the words. I hope I achieved that with this story.

From War Dogs Heading Home:

*** “Another patrol, another day in hell,” thought SSG Jason Walker. The Jihadists were sniping and blowing up our units who were trying to take back Heathrow airport in London. The war in Europe was certainly a living hell for us War Dogs, but it was a piece of cake compared to the end of the world as we knew it.***

The action takes place in2038. Just far enough away in time to be believable but not far enough that you can’t picture yourself in the apocalypse. Staff Sergeant Jason Walker starts off in Europe, fighting in another endless war. His best friend and Military Working Dog, MMax, survive an explosion but are wounded. They are flown home just in time for the apocalypse to begin. The entire world is brought to its knees and the world ends as they know it. The world quickly devolves down to lawlessness, chaos, and two hundred years of technical advancement gone. Jason and MMax find themselves stranded and have to resort to some unusual transportation methods to get their injured bodies to Jason’s hometown.

From War Dogs Heading Home:

***My left arm and leg wouldn’t cooperate and screamed at me with every movement. I used my right arm to lift my torso over the edge of the pod and pushed with my right leg until I flopped out of the pod onto my left side. “Son of a bitch, that hurts. Oh God, kill me now and get this over with,” I mumbled in agony. I later thanked God for not honoring my request. I even promised to be a good boy if he let me live long enough to see my mom and dad once again.***

Jason and MMax meet some good people on the way home but also meet some very evil people. MMax and Jason fumble around when dealing with crying kids and convincing women to go with them to safety but use their soldier’s skills to eliminate all threats encountered. Their methods are a bit on the ruthless side but are very effective. Hell, they’re War Dogs, what do you expect from them?

From War Dogs Heading Home:

***“So I should be afraid of this thug? I don’t think so,” I said.

The man sneered, “Big Gun will like your women, especially the young ones.”

I thought about Big Gun being in the area, so I quickly drew my knife as I sidestepped around the man. I then yanked his head back by pulling on his man bun and drew my blade across his throat. Blood squirted from his jugular vein, and he collapsed as he tried to yell for help. Only bloody froth came from his lips.

I heard several gasps and turned to see Karen staring at me while Chrissy puked her breakfast up and out on the deck. I wiped my blade on the man’s shirt. “Ladies, I warned you to look the other way. Karen, if there is anything in that house you want, I’d get it now. I need to get you to safety. The man might have been lying about Big Gun, but we can’t take a chance.” ***

Finally, home, Jason and MMax start a new adventure soon after their arrival. Jason’s brother and sister have to be found and brought home to the safety of their small community. There is no rest for War Dogs. The world continues to go to hell in a handbasket as Jason and MMax try to make it a bit safer and better for their friends and loved ones.

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